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Workflow and Document Management

In order to maintain successful operations in whatever market your business is in, you have make sure your process are running smoothly, that the people involved are making no mistakes, and that everything is properly documented and accessible wherever you are. Our innovative 3-in-1 solutions allows you to have all of these and more. Our platform assures you the perfect compliance with industry’s standards and rules, and stores every detailed piece of information, accessible only to authorized departments and resources. Our Workflow Management module allows you to manage sequential and interrelated activities, enable authorization and approval flows, and can trigger workflows with a click of a button or even an email.

Our Document Management module allows you to safely and securely store all relevant documents, manage codification and versioning, and maintain proper audit trails. Our Reporting module allows you to easily and automatically generate reports regarding all your activities, process and documents, so that you and your management can always be up-to-date.

Cloud-first Managed SD-WAN Service

We offer a fully managed SD-WAN solution that integrates edge connectivity, remote workers, application acceleration, security (SASE) and cloud networking into a private, software-defined core network with a visibility and control user console. This multi-layered platform gives you benefits in all aspects of external connectivity. With our solution, you can get a fast, reliable, and fully secure connection between all your sites, wherever they are in the world, while benefiting from an optimized connection to the main services and cloud providers. Gain complete visibility and control over your external connections with an advanced user portal and actionable insights. 

AI Based Anti-Plagiarism

With our AI machine learning algorithms, we addsa new dimension to plagiarism checking – paraphrase detection. Thanks to this capability, we are able to detect various forms of plagiarism that go far beyond the one-to-one word matching. These abilities makes a real difference and provide much more certainty and surgical precision in determining whether or not a text is plagiarized. Other solutions in the market use outdated methods and technologies, and that`s why there are thousands of “cheat guides” that say the easiest way to outsmart them is to paraphrase the text. Our solution, on the other hand, examines texts as a whole and understands natural language, allowing it to detect plagiarism even if 50% of the text has been edited. We support over 100 different languages, including Asian character languages, and can even analyze plagiarism between them, detecting attempts to submit simple translations. 

Telecom Operators Monitoring

Our telecom data solutions allow us to provide governments with a clear picture of missing income and the ability to correct any deficit. 

We enable governments to receive the correct revenues earned through the telecom sector and its significant players. We provide an overview of these revenues – including taxes, duties, and license fees – which are due for collection. We monitor the volume of telecom activity (Voice, SMS, Data), permitting the collection of correct levels of taxation. Our solution acts as a perceptive observer, while not breaking accepted rules of privacy and non-interference. Lastly, our solution reports the exact numbers of phones entering each state, and automatically collects outstanding VAT and customs duties. It enables the authorities to monitor a large number of illegally imported phones and automatically collects any unpaid tax.