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CISO Advisory

Senior Corporate Executives and their families are a very lucrative target for cyber-adversaries. We advise senior leaders and the C-Suite on how to stay protected. 

Security Audits

Assessment of your current cyber security posture, evaluating current technological solutions, procedures, policies and other risk factors 

Security Testing

If it has an IP address, it is vulnerable to attack; especially if you don`t know it exists. With our unique tools and expertise, we are able to identify all of your digital assets, both in and out of your network, perform advanced penetration testing, and provide you with a prioritized list of mitigations and recommendations. Don`t let attackers identify your vulnerabilities before you do. 

Awareness Training

We train your staff members to identify and report phishing and other malicious events. Our unique system, operated by a team of training experts, will create, send, track and report on a continuous cycle of phishing simulation campaigns and educational content, creating a personalized learning journey for each employee. 

24/7 Managed SOC 

With our cybersoc experts you can finally be able to ensure that no important alerts are missed, that all security systems are up and running and functioning properly, and that attacks are identified in real time. Whether using our portfolio of innovative security solutions or use your own, we are your cybersecurity eyes and ears at all times. 

Threat Intelligence

Using our vast network of AI bots, automatically searching all available sources on the web (from social media to the dark web), our cybersecurity experts can find your data breaches, stolen accounts, upcoming attacks on your networks and much more. If any of your digital assets show up where they shouldn`t be, you`ll be the first to know. 

Supply Chain Risk Management 

As digital transformation accelerates, organizations need to deliver online services quickly and efficiently. Our managed service audits suppliers’ systems, alerting the organization and their suppliers if vulnerabilities exist, and certifying when the risks are resolved.