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Phishing Simulation and Cyber Security Training

By focusing on cybersecurity behaviors, we help you empower employees to thwart social engineering attacks. Our solution is the only one in the market that truly harnesses the power of machine learning, behavioral psychology best practices, and marketing methodologies, to help employees learn and practice behaviors that will minimize cybersecurity mistakes.

Our personalized cybersecurity programs are based on the characteristics and past performance of each employee, which increases their engagement and training success. As employees adopt the right cyber security behaviors, their risk of falling victim to social engineering attacks is greatly reduced. Our full automation and central management streamlines cyber security training and keeps you apprised of everyone’s progress toward awareness and compliance goals.

Email and Collaboration Protection

Enterprise communications including email, shared URL’s, file attachments, cloud drives, and Enterprise Messaging, among others, are the basis for collaboration at work; at the same time, they serve as the most accessible entry point for 95% of advanced content-borne cyber attacks, threatening enterprise assets.

Most organizations are equipped with Secure Email Gateway, Sandboxing, and other cyber security solutions. However, these solutions turn ineffective as attacks become more sophisticated. Traditional protection is not effective when an unknown threat emerges. A new approach is needed to stop cyber attacks, contained in any type of file or URL, at first-sight.

Our unique, innovative and patented platform stops advanced cyber-attacks at first sight, blocking both known & unknown threats,  contained in any type of file or URL. We don’t only protect your email, we protect every place your employees are collaborating and sharing information, including cloud storage, portals, messaging apps, collaboration tools, video conferencing tools and more.

We ensure all enterprise communications are safe to click.

Attack Surface Monitoring and Management

Our system provides automatic and full visibility into your digital presence, uncovering known and unknown assets and access points. Once identified, the module scans them for security issues and vulnerabilities, providing time-based trending insights into your digital presence posture as well as step- -by-step recommendations to reduce your digital attack surface.

Attack surface monitoring ensures ongoing and continuous visibility into how your organization is perceived, from the outside in, by potential adversaries

Automated Penetration Testing

As hackers become more and more sophisticated, corporate security officers and regulators become more aware of the need to integrate the hacker’s perspective into their ongoing cyber defense strategy.

Traditionally, penetration testing has been completed manually by service firms, deploying expensive labor to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and produce lengthy reports, with little transparency along the way. Professional services-based penetration testing, as we know it today, is time consuming, intrusive, costly, represents a point in time snapshot, and cannot comply with the need for continuous security validation within a dynamic IT environment.

Focused on the inside threat, our fully automated penetration testing solution mimics the hacker’s attack – automating the discovery of vulnerabilities and performing ethical exploits, while ensuring an undisrupted network operation. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediations, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker.

Threat Intelligence

Our threat intelligence platform consists of sophisticated crawlers continuously scanning all layers of the web. This includes the dark, deep, and open web, marketplaces, forums, applications, social media, paste sites, search engines and instant messaging. The depth of the collected intelligence items provides full visibility into the threat landscape against your organization’s brand, business goals, employees, processes, and customers. The collection is fully automated, in near real time and is kept up to date by a dedicated team.

All collected intelligence items are being curated and undergo enrichment and contextualization. Sophisticated Machine learning- based algorithms allow identification of the threat category, severity, and level of confidence, image processing and entity extraction for advanced correlation.

Identified threats are being processed into actionable alerts, sent in near real time to the organization’s threat intelligence, fraud and SOC teams.