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Secure Remote Access

EM3Labs Secure Remote Access (SRA, formerly known as EM3Labs SmartACCESS), accelerates application performance for remote users without requiring any additional hardware or software clients. The solution has been proven to improve remote user productivity between 2-10x.

  • Secured access for remote employees
  • Access to corporate resources in different regions
  • Global network agile to support growth
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SD-WAN & Multi Cloud

Price or performance? Security or scalability? Storage or computational power? Public or private? When it comes to cloud services, organizations have a plethora of choices, and rightfully so. As more and more applications come online by the second, no single cloud provider can meet their diverse operational requirements. is where a multi-cloud strategy shines. Distributing cloud assets, applications and resources across several cloud environments eliminates the possibility of a single point of failure, delivers better availability, offers more autonomy and a higher tolerance to deal with uncertainty.

  • Accelerate their SaaS applications globally
  • Network standardization
  • Network Intelligence
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Keeping Smart Cities Safe

Over the past few years, the City of Las Vegas has relied on Office 365, using its cloud-based email service, OneDrive, and Teams to enhance productivity and support collaboration between employees as well as external communications with citizens, vendors, and partners.

  • Secure collaboration
  • Protecting all collaboration channels
  • Preventing losses of millions
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